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There are nine rooms built next to each other that are designed using local materials, such as the forest vines, sisal rope and purple slate stone. Each room has an ensuite bathroom (with hot water showers) and comfortable chairs on the veranda for viewing the forest and clouds that drift by in the valley.

Silver back lodge Bwindi is the answer since it has an out standing Stunning view  from the very top of the valley. You can see hill after hill and the moon is full! Magic. Enjoy a warm welcome by the friendly staff, foods, cozy rooms and showers. All in all the most amazing things about this hotel are the views/location and the staff. You are on top of a mountain…so quiet, so dark. The most amazing sunrise can be viewed right from your room. So wake up with the sunrise and also with fresh memories of the gorilla trekking experience.


The restaurant offers dishes from local to international menus, set in cozy surroundings.

The Summit Bar is well stocked and in a comfortable setting which is perfect for sharing the day’s adventures of gorilla-trekking, primate watching and bird viewing.

The large areas of gardens are perfect for relaxing after a long day’s hike.