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Gorilla Tracking Safari

The Mountain Gorillas are a top attraction in Africa and Gorilla tracking so it’s a unique experience.After a brisk walk face to face with these rare creatures you forget everything around you. Experience the excitement , amazement having a close encounter with these gigantic rare creatures.

Until recently, it was always assumed that gorillas were terrifying monsters. Actually gorillas are shy, peaceful vegetarians and this only became clear in 1959 by researcher George Schaller.

Nature walks

For visitors who are 2 or 3 days in Bwindi, the park has been fantastic walks. During all these routes, you have the opportunity to learn a lot about primates, many birds, butterflies, trees and other organisms that you will encounter during the walk.Munyage the river trail is an ideal short walk for visitors with limited time.

The popular waterfall trail is provided with an attractive feature of the forest. It has an abundance of tree ferns, epithytic ferns, orchids and Bwindi’s colorful array of butterflies. This route leads to three beautiful crystal clear waterfalls typical of a tropical rainforest.

The Rushura route provides great views of the western valley. To the west, National Park the Virungas provide a spectacular backdrop of the Congo and on clear days Lake Edward and the Rwenzori Mountains are visible.

The 5.2 km loop trail offers Muzabajiro breathtaking views over the Bwindi Forest, Western Rift Valley and the Virungas. Way you will see hundreds of prehistoric tree ferns.

The River Ivi trail is the longest in the park one day and keeps you busy. It is recommended for bird lovers.

Buhoma Village Tourist Walk

The village walk, usually taks about three hours, is managed by the local community and received proceeds in the community invested so their welfare.During this walk you will be introduced to some interesting places like a typical rural farmhouse, a visit to a local traditional pharmacy, a demonstration on a banana beer brewery and much more.

Cultural performances

In the evenings you can attend performances of fascinating traditional women’s groups presentation. The proceeds will be invested in the welfare of families around the park.


Bwindi is the refuge for bird lovers! It has 346 species of birds and contains 90% of all Albertine rift endemics, difficult or impossible in other parts of East Africa to see. An experienced birdwatcher can spot 100 species of birds per day. Visit Ruhija and Buhoma for this dream to come true.